OB Cosmic Lad 0374
Standard Lad 4K
RS Freshman 41K
Pioneer Stoney 6K
OB Exquisite 062
WAB Pres 36J
LCI South Alta 103J
Hall Super Derm Lad 4H
OB Brit Lad 806
JHR 177D Standard Lad 33G
RHR Majestic 6008
LHHR 74U Ribstone 402D
SNS Silver Prairie 50B
Standard Lad 14Z
SKB Duracell 30X
OB Bodacious
OB Jingle
OB Fancy
Stanmore 43K
Standard Lad 95J
Standard Lad 93J
OB Joyful
BCD 721G Viking 305N
HC Excellent 4303
HC Standard lad 402
AGA 95 STD 23J
OB Majestic 1197
OB Brit Lad 806
January 28, 1998

            Dom Stand DP Lad 45
DP Britisher AGA 46E
            B Whetmore Lady AGA5A

            Twin L Standard 1A
OB Marquise 636
            OB Beamish Lass 065

  • Easy Calver Deluxe
  • 1680 lbs. (9/99) at O.B. Sale

We retained a semen interest in this deep, thick, meaty son of "46E" when we sold him in our 1999 sale and we have given him significant A.I. use since then. He is out of a most useful O.B. heifer and we have liked him since he was a calf. His calves have light birth weight and are easily born, but exhibit good growth and great thickness by weaning time. "806" is a valuable sire. His first offspring sold in 2002 and were well accepted. If you want easy calving, check his sons.


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