OB Cosmic Lad 0374
Standard Lad 4K
RS Freshman 41K
Pioneer Stoney 6K
OB Exquisite 062
WAB Pres 36J
LCI South Alta 103J
Hall Super Derm Lad 4H
OB Brit Lad 806
JHR 177D Standard Lad 33G
RHR Majestic 6008
LHHR 74U Ribstone 402D
SNS Silver Prairie 50B
Standard Lad 14Z
SKB Duracell 30X
OB Bodacious
OB Jingle
OB Fancy
Stanmore 43K
Standard Lad 95J
Standard Lad 93J
OB Joyful
BCD 721G Viking 305N
HC Excellent 4303
HC Standard lad 402
AGA 95 STD 23J
OB Majestic 1197
WAB Pres 36J
March 15, 1999

            LRD President 36C
JNHR President 226E
            JNHR Diana ET 415C

            F 60S Standard 846
Wabash Rachel 34A
            Wabash Natasha 42S

  • Big and Correct
  • 62 inches, 2860 lbs.

The 2001 Calgary judge missed this big strapping Blume two-year-old, but we didn't overlook him. This is a bull of unusual merit. "36J" travels free and easy. He has 40 cm testicles and is an aggressive breeder covering lots of territory. He weighed 2,362 lbs. at Calgary without showing the fat that plagues so many bulls there. He is wide-topped with great depth and heavy bone. He saw heavy natural service in 2001 and his offspring show that he will be a valuable adjunct to our program. He merits your examination.


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